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Pool Plastering Services in El Cajon

Pool Plastering Services in El Cajon

There’s something for everybody when choosing plaster. White Marble Plaster and Quartz Plaster are a couple of inexpensive plasters that still provide a great seal for your pool and come in many colors. If your budget is slightly higher, you can consider Pebble Plaster or Polished Aggregate Plaster. These options provide excellent durability and versatility while coming in a variety of colors. At San Diego Pool Tech, we find joy in helping you choose the best option for your specific pool and your needs. Choosing the right type of plaster is extremely important for durability, while color can significantly change the feel of your pool experience. Plaster is the variable that determines the look your pool will have-whether you’re aiming for a classic sparkling pool look, a textured look, or a natural bed look. We hihgly recommend that you have your pool plastered before the summer so that it is complete in time for the season. While it is technically possible to plaster in the heat, it is much more difficult due to speed at which the plaster will dry. Plastering in the winter means that it will dry more slowly and therefore cure more easily. Click here to get a FREE consultation in time for the season.

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