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Beadcrete is the option to go with if you’re looking for cutting edge design as well as an architectural edge. This option gives you the flexibility to cover tight spaces that may be difficult with plaster or pebble. It is is composed of glass pebbles that have been smoothed over to ensure a silky soft exterior. This option also comes in a variety of attractive colors, making it a even more versatile option. Originating in Australia, beadcrete has a sparkling appearance in natural sunlight as well as with artificial lighting. This results in a clean iridescent glow to your pool, giving it deeper dimension. Some other qualities of include:

  • Excellent durabilitybeadcrete
  • Long lasting
  • Smooth finish
  • Very attractive to the eye
  • Highly stain resistant
  • Requires less maintenance (cost-effective)
  • Reflects the light to give your pool a consistent glow
  • Impressive to guests

Beadcrete-finished pools are memorable and offer the most relaxing resort-like atmosphere. It can also be used in spas, waterfalls, firepits, and fountains to give your backyard getaway a look of uniformity.

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