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Electrical & Plumbing

Electrical & PlumbingAt San Diego Pool Tech, we believe that having an aesthetically pleasing pool is not enough–it should also be built with a solid and secure foundation. We are extremely knowledgeable of every aspect of pool building, and electrical and plumbing are no exceptions. If these aspects of your pool are not done effectively, your pool will not live up to your expectations and will become a hassle rather than a source of joy. In light of this, we are diligent in ensuring that your pool works as well as it looks. Furthermore, we are aware of the laws in place to regulate pools in the area, and keep these in mind as we develop plans and procedures for the electrical and plumbing installation of your pool. We don’t believe in short-cuts and put in the time to get the job done right. Let us take the guesswork out of your pool’s electrical and plumbing needs. We’ll take care of everything while keeping communication clear. We are highly skilled contractors with years of experience and an attention to detail to help you with your pool project.

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