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Pebble Finish Pools in El Cajon

Pebble finish pools have a very aesthetic look. This coat has a luxurious feel Pebble Finish Pools in El Cajonto it as well as many other benefits over choosing plaster. Choosing pebble often results in a more durable pool with a better ability to resist algae growth. The coatings come in different sizes and colors as well, allowing for a great deal of creativity. It is important to note that pebble coatings are rougher on hands and feet than plaster because of the presence of small pebbles in the mix. The texture and associated roughness is determined by size, with larger sized pebbles resulting in a rougher feel than smaller ones. Polishing Aggregate is the recommended choice if you are going for a beautiful pebble finish look without the roughness that it can add to the pool’s surface. This happens by smoothing and polishing the aggregate once it is added to the plaster. While this option is slightly pricier than other pebble finishes, it is by far the most desired due to its results. This is a recommended option for families with young children or others who may be sensitive to extreme roughness. Pebble finishes are becoming extremely more popular, largely due to the fact that a pebble finish lasts longer and performs better than plaster. This finish is an investment as it will save you time and money in the long run due to less frequent replastering and maintenance. At San Diego Pool Tech, we have a variety of options and colors to choose from if you decide to go with a pebble finish.

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