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At San Diego Pool Tech, we do it all from remodeling to pool construction from the ground up. In order to do this effectively, we take the time to ensure that the coping, tile, and plastering is exactly what you are looking for both in style and durability, not compromising efficiency and quality in the process. Our goal is to create the perfect pool atmosphere, while ensuring that it is long-lasting and dependable. We stand by our work with confidence and your satisfaction is our main priority. Leave the work to us to give you and your friends the ultimate pool experience.

Don’t know what ‘coping’ is?  No worries–we do!  Coping is the outer edge of your pool and can represent different styles and functions.  We specialize in customizable coping using different materials and designs.

Our quality and attention to detail will ensure your coping will not only look the best, but be sturdy and reliable for years. Whether you choose new poured concrete, pre-cast concrete material, flagstone, natural stone, slate, clay, or brick, we will show you exactly how your pool will look and what to expect from each style. We’re happy to help you decide on the best coping method for your pool based on your needs and expectations.

Choosing coping tile carefully is important because not only is it a visual centerpiece of your pool’s design, but it also serves many functional elements. For example, tile adds an extra barrier to keep your pool water contained and adds a surface of traction for swimmers. Tiling also offsets the roughness that comes with plastering and coping. There are numerous options for pool tile, including ceramic, glass, mosaic, and stone. Additionally, there is the question of design scheme and coloring to meet your pool experience expectations. We are more than happy to assist you in making these decisions as we have years of experience with many different styles and designs. We know how to get you the look you’re going for without compromising safety and durability.

Since plastering involves the foundation of your pool, it’s important to trust the job to someone with the experience and track record for excellence. The quality in which your pool is replastered will affect your pool’s foundation tremendously, thereby playing a huge role in durability and length of time before your next replastering. You know that it’s time for replastering when you begin to see signs of staining and blistering on the plaster itself, or when begins to chip off or has a rough sandy feel to it. This can affect user experience as it has the potential to cause small cuts and scrapes on your feet and hands while swimming. A general recommendation for replastering is every 7-12 years. A good replastering job can make your pool feel like new.